We Should Turn All Rifles Into Candy Dispensers

Artist Constantine Zlatev, working with Kostadin Ilov, a computer scientist at UC Berkeley, has come up with a clever way to repurpose old weapons as candy dispensers so that they only pose a risk to a perfect smile.


At the heart of The Candy Machine is a disabled Model 94 Winchester rifle featuring a lever-action reloading mechanism that was the height of technological innovation when it was originally released back in 1894. But now, instead of ejecting empty shell casings, it launches custom-designed capsules full of candy via an automated mechanism.

Buying sweets from Zlatev’s candy machine isn’t free, however. In fact, the price of candy constantly varies since it’s linked to the current stock price of various weapons and is recalculated every time a purchase is made. So, yes, there is meaning behind this art piece, and it has nothing to do with eating candy being like taking a bullet to the enamel on your teeth.

[Vimeo via designboom]



No, we should not.

Firearms are not toys, and should be respected at all times.

The first rule of firearms - always treat a firearm as if it is loaded, even when you know it’s not. This places someone facing the barrel of a firearm to put a coin in and get candy...

Do we really want to have kids associate a gun barrel with candy?