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We Want to See Your Best Office Pranks

Illustration for article titled We Want to See Your Best Office Pranks

Technology was meant to empower us—to clothe us, feed us and enable us to be more than chimps slinging poo from the trees. But it's been misused. Offices are filled to the brim with technology where it plays a role of oppressor. Fluorescent lights, computer monitors, fax machines, copiers, cellphones—these things are all great tech, but they can create world that's nearly intolerable to most people who work there. Yet a majority of our readers manage to sit in these places all day, every day, with no end in sight. These readers are heroes. And it's in that spirit that we'd like to see your best office pranks.We shouldn't have to wait for 3M to sponsor office fun when it's all around us already, copying its drunken rump, launching airplanes anonymously from cubicle bunkers and playing pick-up paper basketball on company trophies. So if you've pulled a grand office prank and have the pictures, video and prose to back it up, let us know in an email labeled "Office Pranks" sent to our tips line. Of course we'd never condone mean-spirited attacks covered up as a joke, but we'd really like to bear witness to the little guy triumphing over the corporation, if only for a day.


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swapped two keys on a collogues keyboard, just happened to be the one of the keys he needed to login with and just happened to miss typed his password on first attempt then when he did the hunt and peck for the letters locked up his profile for most of the day while internal IT got round to him.

roll on a few years, installing a mac server, just happened to be next to the "internet computer" and at lunch time i just happened to be remote viewing it while a couple of guys were using the net so i made the server talk to them with textedit.

i've never seen anyone more freaked out by a computer saying someone's name and "stop abusing me"