Wearable Camera Captures Every Last Moment Of Your Mundane Existence

Promising Google Glass-like functionality in a form factor that's only half as idiotic looking to wear, this $650 Autographer camera automatically snaps away while you live your life—capturing up to 2,000 photographs every day.

When it's officially available in the UK sometime in November—and presumably the rest of the world shortly thereafter—the Autographer will serve as a sort of intelligent timelapse camera. But instead of snapping photos after a given time interval, it uses five built-in sensors—including a magnetometer, accelerometer, thermometer, infrared detector, and a color/light sensor—to feed data to a special algorithm that decides when it's time to take a shot. The idea is that the camera will only take a photo when something (hopefully) interesting happens. A five megapixel sensor covered with a 136-degree semi-fisheye lens captures as much as what's going on as possible, and the Autographer can be worn around the neck or clipped to your clothing for hands-free operation.


A shutter button on the side lets you manually trigger a photo whenever you want, and at the end of your day you can dump all the shots to your smartphone over Bluetooth for distribution to various social sites, or connect it to a computer via USB for backing up and selectively purging the thousands of shots you've amassed. If you thought your friends photostreams were boring before, imagine what Facebook will be like when one of these is hanging around everybody's neck.

[Autographer via DPReview]

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