WeatherHawk 500 Solid-State Weather Station

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You might have seen a weather station with its spinning anemometer (wind gauge), up on a stand with solar panels and a water collection device. Lots of people in hoity-toity neighborhoods find that to be an eyesore, so WeatherHawk comes to the rescue with the wireless, solar powered WeatherHawk 500, a solid state weather data collection device that has no moving parts.

The device collects all the same info as any other weather stations do, such as air temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall and solar radiation, but does all this just quietly sitting on top of a pole instead of requiring all that distracting paraphernalia. Only problem is, the thing costs $4500, over 20 times more than the lowest-end weather station that communicates wirelessly. Anyway, the WeatherHawk 500 lets you be the weather geek of the neighborhood without pissing everybody off, sending all your information to a website and communicating with all the other stuff in your smart home. They'll thank you for it, someday.


Product Page [via CE Pro] Thanks, Julie!