Web 2.0 T-Shirt Tells Us All Whether You Facebook Your Life Away

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The latest addition to the chic geek's wardrobe has got to be this web 2.0 T-shirt. The classy bit of kit contains a list of 79 social networking sites, all followed by tick boxes. Tick the ones you belong to and wear. By adorning your scrawny chest with this garment outdoors, you are able to reveal to aesthetically pleasing members of the opposite sex, how much of disturbed social recluse you really are.


We were surprised to learn that 79 social networking sites even existed; our hearts lie with Facebook and our minds know that there are a few others that generally make our heart rates slow out of complete boredom. If you belong to web 2.0's army of heathen social sites, there are three empty boxes to fill in with whatever you please. Prices begin at $16.90, and as my mental arithmetic is so hot, I can tell you that means the shirt costs less than $1/networking site listed. My mental arithmetic is not hot enough to hone that figure to a more accurate number, but I have no time to work on that aspect of my life, I must keep up to date with menial Facebook happenings...ooh look, Bobby's joined fat fighters; he's got a fat fighters album up. Gosh, these pictures are hilarious. [Product Page via Tech Digest]

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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

79 sites listed, but they couldn't figure out how to make it in any color besides white? Made of lose.