Webasto Heater is Activated by SMS, Pre-Heats Your Ride

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The winter may bring with it romantic comedies featuring Hugh Grant, but the downside is the drop in temperature. Fortunately, the Webasto Thermo Top E Parking Heater allows users to send a text message to a car where it is installed, which then kicks it into action, ensuring your car is warm to the touch when you get in. The self-contained unit uses a tiny amount of fuel, and can also be activated by voice or remote control. The heater outputs 4.2kW for a maximum of 60 minutes at a time. Sure, that would keep you from hanging like a brass monkey, but the $1,695 price tag seems a little on the hefty side to us. Remember; it's not cold if it's free cold, whatever that means. [Red Ferret]


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Does this mean my car now has its own cell phone account specifically for starting it in the cold? That sounds more wasteful than the product cost itself.

That being said- I want. My remote car starter sucks and I hate the cold.