The Webcomic Adventures Of A Victorian Girl Detective Who Sees Ghosts

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Each story in the Victorian webcomic anthology Agnes Quill has a different artist and a slightly different tone, from a horror pulp about a man whose legs go missing during a magician's act to a lighthearted mystery about ghosts who invite a human to their party. But each stars the same charming gal who sees ghosts.


Astronaut Academy creator Dave Roman writes each of the stories in Agnes Quill, and pairs them with an illustrator. Agnes is, in each tale, a teenage girl who lives in the foggy Victorian city of Legerdemain and inherited the ability to see ghosts from her late grandfather. And in each story, she has to deal with various supernatural phenomena, usually with the help or hindrance of the spirits.

Jason Ho lends a shadowy Mike Mignola-influenced horror to The Mummified Heirloom and The Divided Man (Roman is fond of opening in media res of one story and then veering into another), a perfect match for a story that opens in a mausoleum and moves swiftly from magicians to mad science. But he also brings a stark beauty to the series' most chilling tale, Left Behind, capturing both horrors and Agnes' own melancholy. Raina Telgemeier (best known for her graphic novels Smile and Drama) draws a sweeter story about Agnes' attempt to help a ghost girl. Jeff Zornow shows off the vastness of the city in Zombie Love Trap and Buried Homes and Gardens, which involves both a zombie attack and an entire civilization hidden from view. And Roman brings his own humorous style to Invite Only, in which Agnes attends a spirits' party and tries to figure out why the ghost host is acting so odd.

Through it all, Agnes is a fun tour guide to the world of the undead. Ghosts are a matter-of-fact part of her world, so she can be snarky with the clients—but she can also be just as frightened or affected by her adventures as anyone else. And her relationships with each ghost are as individual as the ghosts themselves, from Beatrice, the dead client who decides to play buddy cop with her for a day, to the ghost of a girl who just wants to make her afterlife a little happier.

You can read Agnes' ongoing adventures at the Agnes Quill website, but her earlier mysteries are also archived at Webcomics Nation.


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