Weirdest Bug Uncovers Rotating Gesture on iPhone?

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The weirdest thing happened to me. I was showing some photos in the iPhone to a friend and, for some reason, we discussed touch gestures in the new MacBooks. What happened next blew my mind.


I was passing the photos very quickly, pinching in and out, sliding, using various fingers... the works, all very quickly, as if I was using a MacBook to do the gestures while talking about them. And then, one of the times I did the rotate gesture, the images actually rotated and then got stuck at 45 degrees. I was absolutely stunned. This was not supposed to happen in the iPhone.

There was no way to go back to the Home screen. It was there, stuck in the photo album, with the photos turned on a 45 degree angle. The only thing I could do was to move them sideways, and up and down in relation to each other. The movement was limited, as it was locked with springs. So I took the iPhone from my friend and took these series of photographs.


Maybe my quick manipulation triggered something, maybe it was the cocktails, maybe this was a bug. Who knows. The fact is that, after restarting, I tried to do it again and I couldn't. Have you ever experimented this?

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Hell has frozen over the iphone has a bug?! Why does no one jump on the iphone when it has an issue but say new release Storms having a few issues, that the first update 90% fixed makes it a horrible phone? Just a thought.