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We’ve had a glorious time, but our invasion plans are finally coming to fruition. From now on, we’ll be posting original content directly to Gizmodo and io9. You can keep following us on Twitter @EarthAndSpace to keep getting our particular blend of wonder, glee, and physical sciences.

Catch ya on the mainpage. <3

Top image: Scott Kelly spacewalking outside the International Space Station on November 6, 2015. Credit: NASA/Kjell Lindgren

Contact the author at mika.mckinnon@io9.com, follow her at @MikaMcKinnon, or see her articles at /spacemika.

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I am sad. I love checking in on Earth and Space all on its own for your articles. It may be my favorite IO9 blog (even comparing it to IO9 itself).

The article announcing the “merger” (assimilation, Borg style, may be a better word) wasn’t clear about how a “main page” will work. Will there still be two main pages (even though they share content) or is the plan to remove IO9 completely (or relegate it to subblog status) after a while? If they keep both pages but eventually mirror all the same content, it would seem to be an unnecessary duplication of effort.

Keep up the good work, Mika! And remember, I start to whither away if I go too long without updated images and news from Pluto and Ceres.