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Western Digital's WD TV Play Is Its New Streaming Black Box

Illustration for article titled Western Digitals WD TV Play Is Its New Streaming Black Box

Because the world doesn't have enough streaming black boxes, Western Digital is making its own version: the WD TV Play. You can watch video on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, VuDu, Sling and stream music from Spotify and Pandora. But what's really cool about the WD TV Play is that you can easily play content from any DLNA device and USB drive too. Plus, it only costs $70. [WD]


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I have a WD TV live, which works fine, but don't get your heart set on upgrading the firmware. I have watched them botch a half-dozen upgrades over the last few years, every single one of which broke some existing functionality or, in a few cases, broke the player itself. The support forums are a comedy of errors and indefinitely postponed fixes. If you have one that works fine out of the box, great, but don't expect much long-term support.