Westone's Latest Quad-Driver Earbuds Go Audiophile

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Westone gained plenty of respect for their quad-driver Westone 4 earbuds. Now they're inching further into audiophile territory with their updated Westone 4 R-Series buds.

The Westone 4 R-Series has a balanced armature design with a tolerance of +/- 2dB and a sensitivity of 118dB at 1mW. Each earbud has two low frequency drivers to go with a single driver apiece for the mids and highs. And in the near future, there will also be attachments for an iPhone-compatible headset and an inline volume control. Expect to see these before the end of the year for around $500. [Westone]

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Honestly, I'd rather buy 50 pair of the $10 buds I got from WalMart. I forget the brand but they have multiple color options and have little nuclear symbols on the out-facing side of the earbud. They sound better than the $100 Sennheiser earbuds I bought shortly before and cost 1/10 as much.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure these sound good but do they sound 50x as good as my surprisingly good sounding cheap buds? Probably not.