Wet Hot American Summer Is The Latest Classic To Get A Netflix Reboot

After Netflix's reboot of Arrested Development went down pretty damn well, its sights have turned to the next obvious candidate for the same treatment: cult satire classic Wet Hot American Summer.


In case you haven't seen the 2001 masterpiece before (in which case, you've got a GREAT Saturday night ahead), I won't ruin the 'plot': suffice to say it stars a bevy of future stars, including Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Ken Marino, Molly Shannon, Christopher Meloni, and a very young Bradley Cooper. According to Deadline, almost all of the star-studded cast will be returning for an 8-episode limited series, which started filming this week.

Earlier speculation about the reboot says that it'll be as a prequel series, all about the cast's high school lives, rather than the famous summer camp itself. Either way, one thing is clear: both your current and future happiness will be greatly enhanced if you sit down right the hell now and watch the entire movie again.


I just do not get the love for this film.