Wetware Meets Stretchware

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Nokia, alongside researchers at the University of Cambridge, are busy at work on the golden skin thing seen here. You thought that smartphone was an extension of your hand already? Just wait until the smartphone is your hand.

Or wrist or arm or whatever. As you can see in the demo, the flexible material could theoretically take on whatever shape the designer or user requires.

The prototype seen above boasts a touchscreen and a series of pressure-sensitive areas. The entire device can stretch up to 20% of its original length without taking any kind of performance hit.


Clothing, handware, wetware, whatever. Seems the future of electronics could be very flexible indeed. [Nokia via Ecouterre]

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Dezerus Richardson

The only reason I think "Wetware" is doomed to fail in the consumer marketplace is because once it's there, it's there. Surgery to implant it will be expensive, and it too is destined to follow the cycle of obsolescence that current technology does.

However, I think what it will be good for is for those with medical needs. Prosthetics and such things. This is what this will be used for.