We've Got 200 More Free Spotify Invites—Win One!

Spotify is great—like having an angel pour delicious gravy into your ears with a golden baster. And now it's finally in the US! Want an account? Yes—so we're giving some away 200 of 'em to our Facebook followers.


The Goods

200 free (the ad-supported flavor) Spotify accounts. One could be yours! And there'll be more later this week.

How to Enter

This is very easy—just make sure you're following the GIZMODO Facebook page, and comment on this update from our Facebook page:

We're giving away 200 Spotify invites! Comment here for a chance to win:

And that's it! Good luck—we hope (200 of) you enjoy your unlimited streamin' dreams.


All standard Gawker Media contest rules apply, naturally.

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