What Americans Are Watching on Netflix, Visualized

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This delightful infographic from Slacktory dishes up the currently Netflix-fave movies of our United States. And what does it show? Americans love watching movies about where they live! Streaming media and narcissism—the new apple pie.


Hot in California? LA Story. Alaskans are watching Braving Alaska and The Alaska Experiment. New Yorkers appear to dig New York Stories. Montana? Montana Sky. And Florida? Florida just loves Shrek. Oh Florida. [Slacktory via BuzzFeed]



i cry every night at how crappy the CDN netflix selection is compared you yankees, our Government Media regulators are such a pieces of sh———————- REVIEWED AND CORRECTED BY THE CRTC

but i guess theres sacrifices for other priviledges, like our torrent restrictions compared to south of the border