What Are The Best And Worst Jobs In The World?

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Now you can figure out exactly how great or crappy your job is - or will be - according to a massive survey conducted by CareerCast. They've ranked 200 jobs, and science, engineering, and math come out on top.

Here you can see charts of the 6 top jobs, 6 lowest jobs, and for amusement's sake exactly where my job as a publication editor falls (worse than musical instrument repairer, but slightly better than forklift operator). Note that all the top jobs tend to be symbolic-analytic jobs, and the worst tend to be manual labor. How did these researchers come up with these odd rankings? Here's what they say:

Data on each job is broken down into five key categories: Physical Demands, Work Environment, Income, Stress and Hiring Outlook. Jobs receive a score in each individual category, and when these are added together, the career with the best overall score is ranked 1st, while the one with the worst overall score is ranked 200th.

Of course, it's difficult to take this list too seriously, when the number one job is "actuary" and the number 200 job is "roustabout." Where do you even find job listings for roustabouts, anyway?

via CareerCast, spotted on CrookedTimber