What Are the Least Futuristic Things About Being Alive Today?

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Yesterday, we asked you what made you feel like you were living in the future now and you responded with things both wonderful (smart phones! internet! video-chat!) and unfortunate (smart phones again and a shuttered government). Today, we turn our attention backwards, and ask where the promises of the future are most slacking in the present.

Is it the lack of daytrips to Mars and hovercraft that has you down? Or perhaps you're merely delighted to be avoiding the killer robots and strange weather patterns of our future-dystopian nightmares.

Tell us just exactly what it is about the present that makes the future feel still so far away in the comments below. (Pictures too, please!)


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I live in a country in which scientific illiteracy is not only accepted, it's encouraged and venerated as a sign of intellectual freedom. We're not going to be living in the future until the public en masse understands that vaccine conspiracies are antiscientific nonsense, climate change is happening before our eyes, and the words "theory" and "hypothesis" are not synonymous.