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These aren't teens crowded around a laptop in a dorm. This is the President of the United States and his staffers crowded around a laptop on board Air Force One. We don't know what's on the screen. Guesses? Update: Woah-we-do-know-what's-on-the-screen!

I like to think that they're figuring out how to set up a soccer ball controlled Guitar Hero game in the White House, but let's be realistic. They're probably watching a crazy YouTube video. Question is which one. [Pete Souza via Top Cultured]


Photo by Pete Souza

Update: Reader Louis wrote in with a friendly note pointing out that we should in fact know what's on the screen, because there's a caption explaining it on Pete Souza's Flickr page:

President Barack Obama and White House staffers aboard Air Force One to Paris look at Reggie Love's photos of Egypt on June 5, 2009

Now, do we really believe that though? Or are they only fibbing about what nutty content is on the screen?

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