What Blowing Stuff Up Looks Like From Behind the Cameras

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Clips from behind-the-scenes featurettes on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen DVD show how anxious the crew was to destroy new and exciting locations, including a college campus and Egypt's pyramids. And learn how Michael Bay terrorized Megan Fox!


In these clips from next week's DVD release, we get a peek at trying to film in Egypt, blowing up a college campus and the enduring mythology of the Transformers in their 25th anniversary year.

Best part? Megan Fox sharing that Michael Bay is about as fun-loving as we'd expect.

"There's no, like, 'Oh, he would like for us to try (a scene) at least.' That's not it, - we weren't giving the option.
"You do it, or something bad is gonna happen to you."




As a huge Transformers geek, I dont want a "human" story next time around. Give me more of the robots as characters. Putting Sam in the center worked the first time because of the reveal factor. I didnt care about his story scond time around. That's why I saw the 1st one 5 times in the theatre, and the 2nd once.