What Can We Build with All the Lego Bricks in the World?

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Since 1958, 472 billion Lego bricks have been made. And even though most of those bricks are hardly bigger than your finger, 472 billion of anything is a ridiculous number. So what could you build with all the Lego bricks in the world? Surprisingly a lot. Like 74 Empire State buildings a lot.

There really needs to be more huge Lego structures in the world. Hell, there just needs to be more Lego in everyones life.

Imagine it, if 50,000 Lego bricks could create a 104-foot tall Lego Tower, 472 billion could practically build you a spaceship. Or a bridge to space. Of course, the Lego bridge might just end up crushing itself but hey, whatever, more Lego is always good.


[Movoto via DesignTAXI]