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Korean Toddlers Build Tallest Lego Tower in the World

Illustration for article titled Korean Toddlers Build Tallest Lego Tower in the World

What did you do last week? Did you build a a 104-foot tall Lego tower, made of 50,000 bricks, with a team of kids who can pretty much not even talk? Didn't think so!


South Korea's world record breaking monolith took five days to complete, and based on this footage, was erected upon the backs of forced infant labor. The exact height is 31.9 meters—about the length of a blue whale. That's big! It beats France's previous pathetic record of 31.6 meters, and must really be making North Korea feel like shit. They can't even pull off half-century old rocket technology, and their enemies' babies are constructing towers? How embarrassing. [Architizer]

Photos: Lee Jin-man/AP

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What, and they couldn't even put an American flag on the top? Fuck those kids.