What Christmas looks like in Los Angeles

It was 77 degrees in LA today which is what qualifies as Christmas here. Who needs a white Christmas, the sprawling city of Los Angeles sure doesn't need pea coats or functional (not fashionable) scarves or snow shovels or visible breath to celebrate Christmas. Paddle boards and a beach will do just fine.


Brian Hawkins, who filmed the video, writes:

Christmas scenes from the beach cities of Los Angeles South Bay. Locations include Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach, Sleepy Hollow Christmas lights neighborhood (Candy Cane Lane) in Torrance, the Redondo Beach King Harbor Boat Parade with stand-up paddleboarders, and the Manhattan Beach holiday fireworks show at the pier.


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You know, I live here. I enjoyed the day working in the yard. I just saw that sunset. I keep my boat at that marina. But the former Midwesterner in me, really, really wants to say F.U.

But Merry Christmas anyway, I guess.