I can't imagine climbing 10 feet and this guy did 1500 with no equipment. He's basically Spider-Man. Rock climber Alex Honnold used no equipment to scale the 1500-foot limestone wall of El Sendero Luminoso in El Potrero Chico, Mexico. It's the first ever free solo ascent of the wall.


Honnold, who climbs Yosemite's Half Dome like we walk in parks, is just incredible. You can see the amount of concentration he puts into every move and the impressive strength he needs to pull it off. But this climb was insane, even with his skills. Outside Magazine said most parties take two days to climb this wall, Honnold did it in three hours. Climbers who've scaled the wall said there are "hundreds of hand foot moves to remember".

I can't even watch him climb these walls without getting nauseous. I mean, look how small he is on the giant monolith of a wall:

And here's the raw, slow motion footage of his free solo climb of the wall from Reel Rock:

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