What Could Be In Wikileak's Giant 349GB "Insurance" File?

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Wikileaks has stirred up its share of trouble in its day, but it might be up to something more. The site's been posting links to a trio of encrypted files pretty insistently on Facebook, and one of them is a whopping 349GB. What's in there?

It's not uncommon for Wikileaks to post an encrypted "insurance" file from time to time, with the key to follow on a latter date if at all, just in case. But 349GB is nothing to sneeze at; that's a huge chunk of something. It seems like there has to be something very impressive in there, and Wikileaks has posted the links to its Facebook page a number of times in the past 24 hours.

It's worth noting the timing; Bradley Manning's sentencing hearing is due to reach a verdict sometime next week. That, and there's always something going on with Edward Snowden, whose presumably giant cache of sensitive data has only been dribbling out. Could this be his treasure trove? Or part of it?


So far Wikileak's has been tight-lipped about the file being anything other than just standard, periodic insurance, but it's hard to ignore something that big. Any guesses? [Wikileaks via The Daily Dot]