What Do You Call a Backpack That's Also a Chair? Chairpack? Backchair? Chairback? (No.)

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Or is it a Backchair? Packchair? Who knows! This Keen Springer Backseat Pack handles both backpack and chair responsibilities but unlike others in the past, it doesn't look completely bat shit crazy. And it keeps your bum clean!

The KEEN Springer Backseat Pack solves a problem for city slickers like me who moonlight as outdoorsmen every now and again: we get tired, we want to sit but we don't want to sit on the mucky ground. (I'm going to ignore the fact that if you pull down the chair and sit on it, the back of the backpack is now on the floor and will dirty your back). Plus, it wants to be a backpack first, chair second. $120 [Outdoor Show via Gear Junkie]