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What Do You Think of People Without Facebook Accounts?

Illustration for article titled What Do You Think of People Without Facebook Accounts?

Social networking is great and all, but you can't really fault anyone for not buying into it. Unless, of course, you're talking about Facebook. Everybody has a Facebook, except for the people who don't, and they tend to be few and far between.


Whether it's a hipster statement, like not owning a TV, or an attempt at privacy in the allegedly post-privacy age, people without Facebook accounts are definitely in the minority. What do you think when you meet someone (in real life, presumably) who doesn't have one? Do they tend to be holier-than-thou? Weird? Secretive? Or just totally normal folks who don't dig Facebook for one reason or another? Do you think there's a stigma?

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Not using FB is a hipster statement? I don't have an account and don't ever feel the need to open one. It's not as if i've never tried using it either - I had one the first year facebook came out, enjoyed it, and then just got fed up with all the maintenance and deleted it cold turkey. I just dont get a kick out of seeing every single thing every single one of my "friends" is doing or thinking. Yes, i'm normal, I just communicate with my friends using.. speech.