What Exactly Does Going to Space Do to Your Body?

Going to space is definitely one of the coolest things a human could ever do but damn if it doesn’t do a doozy to your body. If you were able to spend time in space, your bones would become brittle, your leg and back muscles would wither away, the back of your eyeballs might flatten, and your heart could lose mass and become more spherical. None of that is good.


Life Noggin examines the things that happen to your body in space in the video below and though scientists are still learning more about what actually happens, it sure doesn’t sound too fun. Whatever, space is still worth it.

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And rotational artificial gravity would solve 80 percent of the problems. The remaining 20 percent are radiation based, and would only be solved if we have the ability to harvest material in space, process it in space, and build the final product in space - in order to harvest shielding material. Otherwise its too expensive to lift everything from the surface of the Earth.