What Happened to the Sci-Fi Channel?

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It's not often that someone on a message board performs a public service, but over on the official Sci-Fi Channel boards, a poster known only as "SavageMind" does that very thing with a post called "What has happened to the Sci-Fi Channel?"

I was raised on Sci-Fi and am a die hard fan of the channel. However I have seen so much ***** on the channel it makes me not want to watch it. B movie marathons eating up the weekends. Giant Crocs, Spiders, Mosquitos and Killer Yeti are not doing it for me anymore. I remember when you could see a Star Trek title on Sci-Fi.


Hey, I may not really dig Enterprise either, but at least I admit that it's a Star Trek show (It's also on Sci-Fi these days, for those of you who feel the need to watch a franchise in its death throes). Otherwise, very well said, Savage. Oh, what's that? You're not done yet?

Our friendly Savage continues:

Did the channel get in a tiff with paramount? How about Space 1999, Babylon 5, the original Battlestar Galactica, and some classic movies like Laserblast, The Day the Earth stood still, and Battle beyond the stars. C'mon let's bring it back to the way it started.

Well, now you're getting ridiculous. Battle Beyond The Stars? No-one needs to see John Boy Walton save the universe again, even if it does mean we deny ourselves the pleasure of watching Sybil Danning talk about the wonders of Amazons going down.

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Nonetheless, Savage isn't the only one feeling this way. Quoth responders:

I miss the old days when I could tune into Space 1999 on a young SciFi Channel. Those were fun times.

[Y]eah The sci-fi channel is setting it's self up for a buy out. That's what I see here.


And they're not the only ones complaining about current Sci-Fi Channel output. While we all wait for next month's return of Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who (Well, and premiere of Sarah Jane Adventures), it's clearly time to reflect: Where should the Sci-Fi Channel go next, in order to become something that lives up to its name again?

What happened to the Sci-Fi Channel? [Scifi.com]




This channel was the shit about 10 years ago...

They have so much to choose from.

1) Start running sci-fi shows by season semi-annually:

Throw up classic sci-fi from the late '50 like TZ, The Outer Limits and that other show whose name I can't think of... 60's stuff like Irwin Allen's programming, iTV, ST, Dr. Who... 70's stuff, a veritable cornucopia of sci-fi like $6MDM, Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers, and on and on. The friggin Questor Tapes... The same for the 80's and 90's...

2) Put re-runs of MST3K back up.

3) Get rid of the direct to Bulgaria as a major motion picture, "Sci-Fi Presents:" movies.

4) Dig up old crap like: The Phoenix, Lucan, Fantastic Journey and the Planet of the Apes TV series.

5) Put on, In Search Of... with leonard Nimoy and that similar Arthur C. Clarke show.

6) Run classic sci-fi more.

7) Get rid the reality-show crap, well except that Make Me A Superhero one...

8) On Saturday mornings or even weekday morning, get some classic sci-fi kids cartoon shows up.

Frankly, I am tired of the Sci-Fi Channel treating it's subject matter and viewers like many of our parents did when we watched or read this stuff... "You'll rot your brain..." or "Why do you waste your time with that crap?". Sci-Fi during it's origins was called, "scientific fiction" and "speculative fiction", why I am not not treated like that?

I can't stand these dopey real-life hunter shows, like UFO-Hunters and Ghost-Hunters especially. God, Ghost-Hunters is awful, a bunch of cognitively-limited 20-somethings scared of a bump in the night. Ugh. (Yes, I know I suggested putting In Search Of on, but c'mon Leonard Nimoy + 70's music/fashion + Amelia Earheart = what's not to love!)

That is all.