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What Happens to a Magical Girl After She Loses Her Team?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mary Cagle’s latest webcomic, Sleepless Domain, is set in a city that’s invaded by monsters every night, and protected by Magical Girls. But one group, Team Alchemical, is having some interpersonal issues, which can get dangerous during those nightly battles.

It quickly becomes clear that Sleepless Domain, against Cagle’s cute Magical Girl art, is a pretty tragic story. But even beyond its story about loss of fellowship, the comic has a pretty fascinating setting. This is a world where Magical Girls are common, registered by the government, and educated together. And if you’re willing to play the media game, you (and your family) can enjoy a bit of financial success. Of course, there are some girls who just want to punch monsters and be done with it.


Once Team Alchemical fit neatly, if not happily, in this world. But after an event that rocks the city, members of the team will have to figure out what their roles are, and who they can ally themselves with when their former teammates aren’t an option anymore.

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