What Happens When a Computer Programmer Decides to Build a Cheap Surfboard?

Not surprisingly, you get the nerdiest surfboard ever. The "Shredder" surfboard was designed by a computer programmer named Mike Sheldrake after he decided to replace his old board. Since he did not possess the skills necessary to make a board the traditional way, he decided to use 3-D modeling software to design a snap-together deck built out of 400 pieces of computer cut corrugated cardboard then shellac it with fiberglass and epoxy resin. Thanks to a mathematically sound triangular pattern, force is evenly dispersed throughout the board—making it incredibly strong.

Sheldrake has already sold one of his creations to a pro surfer and he plans on improving his technique to develop boards that are stronger, lighter and more flexible. To that end, he hopes to have a product site launched in the near future where customers can custom design their own boards. And, since they are made from inexpensive materials, it should make a day of surfing at the beach a lot more affordable. [Popsci]


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