What If Adobe Flash Is Bundled With Google Chrome?

Curious, possibly weird: ZDNet editor-in-chief Larry Dignan says Adobe and Google are planning to announce tomorrow that they're bundling Flash with Google's "Chrome browser and or operating system." I'm not sure how much it move would really change the current Flash/no-Flash internet calculus, since Chrome still has just a tiny (but growing) portion of the browser market, you can already get Flash on Chrome (presumably everybody with Chrome has Flash already) and there are other forces at work in the internetosphere.


Maybe that's what Eric and Steve were talking about. I have to say though, I'm loving Google's sense of timing more and more—the Nexus One right before CES, and now, possibly, a Chrome OS announcement right before iPad. So ballsy. [ZDNet]


What would the big deal be? Even if it did happen, I'm sure they would give you the choice. Just a check-box to uncheck, or leave unchecked.

Check is one of those words that start to sound weird in your head if you think of it enough...Eh.