What if Top Gear reviewed Spaceships instead of Supercars?

The BBC car series Top Gear is known for two things: Controversial host Jeremy Clarkson, and Car porn. But what if you applied those things the vehicles of the future? A trailer for the upcoming PC game Star Citizen does just that to a remarkable effect.


The trailer features the spoof show Galactic Gear, and is pretty accurate to Top Gear - right down to the over enunciated narration of Clarkson and his fellow hosts Richard Hammond and James May, as well as the show's penchant for jump cuts and lots of footage of pretty vehicles. But what you're really here for isn't for the pastiche, it's the beautiful ships: Star Citizen has some pretty lovely designs in it, and this trailer focusing on the Origin M50 is no exception. Watch it in the 4k/2160p resolution on Youtube if you can, because it looks stonking.

Star Citizen, a game about piloting your own ship across a vast galaxy, engaging in trade, exploration or combat with A.I and other players, is a crowdfunded PC game that shot to fame after receiving $2.13 million following its Kickstarter project - and since then has actually received 53 million dollars in funding since the project began 2 years ago.

It's estimated for release sometime next year. Might wanna think about upgrading your PC if you're interested.

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Loved Galactic Gear's Stig, but he did look a little like a Peacekeeper from District 1.