It’s just not right. Adult humans should not have to fear monsters. But how in the world will the world ever sleep again after knowing that this terrifying radiator fluid-looking worm goo thing exists? Can humanity survive after seeing this? Just look at the sludge bug shoots out its pink dart and you’ll only dream nightmares for the rest of your life.


The video was shot at a port in Taiwan by Chien W. Cheng, so if you’re anywhere near there, I’d suggest you start running immediately. Leave everything behind!

The Telegraph suggests that the nightmare fuel could be some form of our notorious friend, the ribbon worm, which can shoot out a proboscis (an elongated appendage) that the bug worm creature can eject to snag and its prey. That would explain that pink thing.

But the gooey green body is the stuff of horror aliens. Movies have taught this to be true.


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