What Is Last Week's "Alex Meets Auto-Tune" Jeopardy Category?

Presumably in an effort to engage younger audiences, this happened last week, resulting in the respectable, gray-haired host of a popular TV quiz show singing clues through a trendy pitch-correcting software used by artists such as T-Pain and Kanye West.

If you heard someone mention "Auto-Tune the Jeopardy" last week and figured it was the funny new conceit from the Auto-Tune the News bunch, well, not quite! Last Wednesday, on a real Jeopardy broadcast, Alex crooned "Battle Hymn of the Republic," "The Farmer and the Dell," and more, all with the help(?) of Antares' Auto-Tune software.


They have some wacky settings that screw up Alex's voice to the point that you can't even recognize it, and all his vocals are accompanied by goofy Songsmith-esque backing tracks, so listening to the Auto-Tuned clips isn't as painfully awkward as you'd assume it would be. In fact, Auto-Tune Alex's "Oh Susanna" is kinda hot and I wouldn't be at all opposed to hearing R. Kelly hop on the remix. [The Daily What]

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