What Is The Best James Bond Movie Of All Time?

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Simple question: What is the very best James Bond movie ever made? Go.

OK, PERSONALLY, not speaking for the io9 collective or anyone else here, I love Moonraker. *Ducks* Hear me out! Hear me out! I know that Goldfinger is great and On Her Majestry's Secret Service is magnificent. But consider (even if for a second) this proposition: James Bond... in space.


True, Moonraker was an obvious Star Wars cash grab, and yes, it was packed start to finish with nonsensical spy fluff, but I would argue that it's the fluff that makes this movie so preposterously sublime. Maybe it was the team of jazzersizing, genetically perfect people sent to repopulate Hugo Drax's space station that won me over. Or Jaws' return (now with girlfriend Dolly). It's all just dumb, dumb, dumb and I am unabashedly in love with it, top to bottom. Roger Moore's work is eclipsed by the lunacy of this movie's premise, but he's still bringing it. And I will argue that it deserves a place in the top ten of all James Bond movies.

Oh god fine, OK Moonraker is awful. But it's the number one Bond movie in my heart. Let's be real, the best James Bond movie is Goldfinger. It has possibly the most engaging espionage plots out of the entire Bond series of films. Plus, it has the best one-liners, the best suits, best song, best hit, best second tier villain (Oddjob), best extraneous "kill Bond" moment (see previously referenced laser crotch scene from the one-liner link). It's all pretty great.

What is the best James Bond movie ever made, and why? Please use movie images to back up your claim.

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Curtis Hart

I just love this movie! I can't explain why I feel it's better than the others, I just really, really enjoy it.

Yes, it's Roger Moore. Shut up. That's what I grew up with. That's who I saw in the theaters in the late 70s and 80s. He will always be Bond for me.