What is the future of Marvel movies beyond The Avengers?

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The Avengers comes out next year, the culmination of groundwork laid by half a dozen previous films. So what's next? According to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, we're completing phase one... and the next few years are all about "phase two."


Plus an utterly batshit Man of Steel casting rumor.

Geoff Johns thinks the world will someday be ready for a Green Lantern 2.

Orlando Bloom talks his return as Legolas in The Hobbit.

The cast of Fringe discuss the return of Peter Bishop.

Meet the characters of Once Upon a Time.

And Person of Interest gears up for a big Lost reunion.

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Darkest Hour. Head over to Slashfilm to see more art from the Darkest Hour comic book.

Iron Man 3, Doctor Strange, and Avengers 2

Kevin Feige explained that Marvel's upcoming movies will all fit together as another set of films leading up to the Avengers sequel. He explains that Iron Man 3 "will be the first of what we sort of refer to as phase two of this... saga that will culminate, God willing, in Avengers 2." He also mentioned that a Doctor Strange movie could well fit into this phase two. [Heat Vision and IGN]

Man of Steel

This is about as crazy and unsourced as any crazy unsourced rumor could get, but IMDB for some reason lists Michael Clarke Duncan as playing Darkseid in the film. While I suppose a Darkseid cameo teasing the next film or something isn't completely impossible, the fact that this is the first we've ever heard of this rumor suggests it's probably just some extremely wishful thinking on the part of some IMDBer. Nothing to see here, I'd say. [IMDB; thanks to Chris for the tip!]


Green Lantern 2

DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns says he's hopeful a sequel will happen:

"There is the hope that we will eventually see one. I hope that the character gets another film, and it will be live-action again - I guarantee. There was a lot of really good stuff in the [original] movie. With the new animated series, Green Lantern is only going to get bigger."


[Heat Vision]

The Hobbit

Orlando Bloom discusses the return of Legolas:

"I was very honored that Pete wrote me back into it because it's perfectly feasible that I could be there. That they thought to have me there was a real compliment. [The movie will have] all the Leg-y magic moments. To me, it's like stepping back into a family affair. It's just amazing. It's unchanged."


[MTV Movies Blog]


Here's a bunch of promo photos of the cast. [ComingSoon.net]

The Crow Reboot

28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has become just the latest person to leave the misbegotten project, which has now gone through at least five movies' worth of potential stars and directors. [TwitchFilm]


The Sarah Jane Adventures

Here's a sneak peek at tonight's penultimate episode, the first part of "The Man Who Never Was." [Life, Doctor Who, and Combom]


Joshua Jackson describes who Peter Bishop is when he makes his return:

"Because the guy that we met in the beginning of Fringe had no desire to be there, and slowly but surely got warped into this, as John and I described it, fanboy. In the course of doing that, he kind of went from being the impetuous teenager of the show to kind of sulking in the corner, to actually being a man. And the guy who would come back to the show after having sacrificed himself for the love of his family is a different man. I think he's grown up a lot. I think a different guy comes back than the guy that left."


John Noble explains that Walter won't be immediately welcoming of his newfound son:

"'Oh hi there, I'm your son' — It's not going to be, 'Oh thank goodness for that.' As much as Walter may want it to be [like that] - and we'll see an element of that, but we can't resolve that too soon, so we've got to build that thing through. There will be some resolution in the first half of the season."


While Lance Reddick encapsulates the skepticism of the rest of the team:

"When he shows up claiming all these things and knowing all these things, it's really freaky. Broyles' attitude is that it's possible what he's saying is true, but the last place I'm going to do is to believe him... at least at first. It has to reach a point where there's so much validity to the information that he has and the way that he helps, that over time, he's given more and more trust and more and more freedom to operate, work and help."


And the wee baby Seamus Henry definitely doesn't exist anymore, since Peter and alternate Olivia never met. [TV Guide]

Here's a pair of interviews with John Noble and Anna Torv. [Fringe Television]

Here's a bunch of set photos. [SpoilerTV]

Here's the synopsis for episode six, "And Those We've Left Behind":


The Fringe team must find the pattern between tragic time loop anomalies. As the investigation unfolds, Raymond (guest star Stephen Root), an electrical engineer, and his wife Kate (guest star Romy Rosemont), a professor of theoretical physics, enter the picture.


[Fringe Spoilers]

Here's the schedule for the next few episodes:

10/21 - Neither Here Nor There (#401 Repeat)
10/28 - Novation (#405)
11/04 - And Those We've Left Behind (#406)
11/11 - Wallflower (#407)
11/18 - Back To Where You've Never Been (#408)


"Back to Where You've Never Been" is being called the "fall finale," with all remaining episodes airing in 2012. [Fringe Television]

The Walking Dead

Lori actress Sarah Wayne Callies discusses season two:

Everybody's expectations start to wear on Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) and erode him, and Lori becomes simultaneously very protective of him and also tries to take the burden off. Rick and Lori's story in the first seven or eight episodes is that of two people trying to protect each other by shouldering responsibilities meant for the other person, and ultimately they collapse under the weight of trying to do that independently. Before the world went to hell, these two people hadn't figured out in their marriage how to be a team or work together, which is why there is so much tension. The irony of the apocalypse is that it may be the best thing to ever happen to their marriage. [Laughs]

Talk a little about Lori's relationship with Shane in the second season. It seems more conflicted than ever.
One of the most dangerous things that happened to Lori in Season 1 was Shane (Jon Bernthal) saying, "I love you, and I think you love me, too." This season, she's very torn about his decision to leave [the group]. On the one hand, it simplifies a lot of things for her; on the other, her husband loves him, [her son] Carl loves him, and he's needed to protect the group. For whatever water's under the bridge between the two of us, he's also one of two people alive on the planet right now - as far as I know - that knew Lori in high school, and we're in a world where you can never underestimate the value of somebody knowing your history. Letting go of Shane becomes much more emotionally difficult that she expected, and whatever choice he makes, she's going to feel she made the wrong decision out of impulse.


There's more at the link. You can also check out a video interview with her here. [TV Line]

And here are some thoughts from Shane actor Jon Bernthal:

"[The Walkers will] always be a threat, but it's a [manageable ] threat. What will prove to be the real danger for this group of survivors is the evilness that exists in the human condition-things like jealousy and rage and shame and guilt...Human beings will make decisions that will prove far more dangerous than any zombies. There's nothing idyllic or safe about anything in this world that we've created."


[E! Online]

Terra Nova

Here's a description for episode six, "Bylaw":


The colony falls victim to its first murder, and Jim and Taylor must find the perpetrator. Also, Skye helps Josh find a way to get Kira, his girlfriend from 2149, to the past, while Elisabeth and Zoe race to help an unborn Ankylosaurus survive.



And here are some promo photos.

Person of Interest

Lost's Alan Dale will appear in the eight episode as a former member of the Stasi, the East German secret police, which seems like a suitably morally compromised and probably malevolent role for a Ben Linus/Charles Widmore reunion hour. [EW]



Here's a description for episode two, "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit":

CARRIE-ANNE MOSS ("THE MATRIX") GUEST STARS AS ‘GERTRUDE VERBANSKI'-JEFF FAHEY AND JUSTIN HARTLEY ALSO GUEST STAR-As the team takes on a missing persons case, Chuck (Zachary Levi) and company struggle to establish themselves as Carmichael Industries in the face of a rival security firm led by the tough and efficient Gertrude Verbanski (guest star Carrie-Anne Moss). Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) continues to adjust to the Intersect while Chuck adjusts to being his handler. Also, the Buy More finds an unlikely spokesperson to help drum up business.



Once Upon a Time

Here's a bunch of videos introducing the various main characters. [KSiteTV]


Here's a description for the second episode, "Bears Will Be Bears":

A HOME INVASION REVEALS A FAMILY'S BARBARIC HISTORY - KATE BURTON ("GREY'S ANATOMY") GUEST STARS - A case of breaking and entering introduces Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) to a mysterious family whose cultural background blurs the line of right and wrong. Meanwhile, Nick tasks Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) with safeguarding Aunt Marie (guest star Kate Burton). Bitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.



If you want to check out the pilot early ahead of its October 28 premiere, all you need to do is follow the show's official Twitter feed. Check out the link for instructions. [KSiteTV]



Here's a promo for this week's episode, "Shut Up, Dr. Phil", featuring Buffy alums Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters as a divorcing couple, one of whom is also a deadly witch. [KSiteTV]

And here are some promo photos for the episode after that, "Slash Fiction." [multipleverses.com]


American Horror Story

Kate Mara will appear in next week's episode as Ben's pregnant mistress Hayden. Here's executive producer Brad Falchuk's take on her appearance:

"She's completely unbalanced. She can say all she wants about being over him, but she's unbalanced. And he's in real trouble."


You can check out the link for a sneak peek at her appearance. [TV Line]

And here are some promo photos for the next episode.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Check out the link for the opening scene from the new CGI Green Lantern cartoon, which premieres early next year. [ComingSoon.net]


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Is America capable of handling another set of Marvel movies? I'm afraid we'd get burned out on superhero films before we ever get to Avengers 2.