What Is the Single Weirdest Subreddit You've Ever Found?

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Given enough time, a stomach of steel, and a can-do attitude, a few minutes on Reddit can quickly devolve into hours lost amongst its many bizarre, horrifying, and inexorably fascinating channels. For the web is dark and full of terrors, friends, and each one of those terrors has its own subreddit.


Do you perhaps have an unhealthy appreciation for the letter "G?" Or what about The Golden Girls? Maybe you've always wished birds had arms. Or that animals didn't have necks. Or maybe—er, well, this. And we haven't even begun to even think about scratching the surface.

So to help us compile a collection of the most bizarre, hilarious, weird and absurd subreddits we can find, submit your pick using the below format:


bolded, linked subreddit name


[ideally SFW sample image]

Sample post: [linked text of sample post]

How I found it: [how you found it (if you remember)]

Let's try to keep it relatively clean/non-nightmare-inducing—the world is full of enough horrible things as it is. We'll pick the top 15-ish winners after we've gathered a good set, and any entries not submitted in the above format will be dismissed/disqualified.

May the weirdest subreddit win.

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r/WtSSTaDaMiT (When the sun shines through a dress and makes it transparent.)