What's the Single Weirdest Website You've Ever Come Across?

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The longer you've been wrapped up in the internet, but more crazy stuff you've seen. Everybody's got one or two really strange, totally bizarre website they like to trot out; they're like trading cards for web nerds. Now's the time, what's the single strangest site you've got in your arsenal?


Submit your pick like this, so we can make a pretty, bitchin' list:

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Description: [description]

How I found it: [how you found it]

Otherwise you're going to get pushed down or dismissed. The weirder the better, but weird != gross. We all know about goatse already; you can do better than that.

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Time Cube

Description: I have no idea how to describe this. It's a conspiracy thing of some kind... I think. It starts with:

In 1884, meridian time personnel met

in Washington to change Earth time.

First words said was that only 1 day

could be used on Earth to not change

the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1

day and ignored the other 3 days.

The bible time was wrong then and it

proved wrong today. This a major lie

has so much evil feed from it's wrong.

No man on Earth has no belly-button,

it proves every believer on Earth a liar.

How I found it: Someone linked me to it a while back.