If Miami is good enough for LeBron and Will Smith, it's good enough to be the answer to our latest Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge contest. So if you picked Magic City as the place where we sent photographer Douglas Sonders, you could have won an Ultrabook™ of your own.

Phase One camera in hand, Douglas landed in Miami with one goal: To shoot the most ridiculously awesome cars he could, and to do it with 80s-action-movie style (any photographer who cites Robocop and Total Recall as two of his biggest influences is all right with us).


Douglas was in luck. Maybe it's our years spent watching Don Johnson speed around the town in pleated pants, or the fact that everybody in Miami looks and dresses like they're either Hollywood extras or CGI fabrications, but no other American city feels so much like the set of a Schwarzenegger flick. Bonus: Miami also happens to be the kind of town that you really don't have to spend much time in before coming across a blindingly bright gold Lamborghini (thanks to Prestige Imports and Lamborghini of Miami). Down in Dade, cars are as much wheeled bling as tools for transport.

Of course, it'd be pretty anticlimactic if Douglas had spent a full day shooting the fastest machines money can buy, only to go back to his hotel to edit his shots with a sluggish black box. Fortunately, he had an ultra-sleek computer that could keep pace with the cars — a freakin' fast Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ that let him speed through his shots using Nik Software (his imaging software of choice). And because his Ultrabook™ had enough longer-lasting battery brawn to power through day (and into the warm Florida night), he could take care of business while basking on the beach.

Anyway, you probably know what's next: Douglas will be hitting the Jalopnik comments on October 2, ready and willing to answer any Qs you can toss at him.


And in case you were wondering, we've still got a couple of Ultrabooks™ to give away. And they'll be going real soon...

Seth Porges is a New York-based writer, editor, on-air commentator, and entrepreneur.