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What Makes a Better Skipping Stone: The iPhone 4 Or the HTC Desire HD?

Of all the tests we conduct when we review a phone, for some reason we've never checked to see how well a handset skips across a lake. But a Chinese man has, officially ending the iPhone vs. Android debate.


In his test he pitted the iPhone 4 against the HTC Desire HD to see which made for a better skipping stone. And lets just say packaging obviously wasn't the only obscure detail Steve Jobs obsessed over. The iPhone 4 was the clear winner here, with the Desire HD fizzling out after just a couple of hops, which is very disappointing.

And yes, we're pretty sure this video is all kinds of fake. But even if he's just swapped out the real phones with dummy display models at the last minute, they still have the same form factor as their working counterparts. So these results aren't completely dismissive. [YouTube via M.I.C. Gadget]

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Cute, not much different than the kids in the US who have too much money and not enough empathy. He could have given either phone to a local special needs school in his area. They could use these to help with children with autism or learning disabilities. Both sets of children are visual learners and could have used these devices in their instructions.

Besides, he doesn't understand how to throw flat objects, which is overhanded not underhanded. Total douche in my opinion. He may think he's cool in China, but he'd be ripped a new asshole here because he is throwing the device like a novice.

Someone needs to apply the Buddhist Palm to this guy.