What NYC Looks Like from the Belly of a Skateboard

Wow, people will slap a GoPro onto just about anything these days—Hula hoops, combat helmets, even seagulls. Now, photographer Josh Maready is taking us for ride through the streets of NYC via the underside of his skate deck.

But don't think that this was smooth street surfing. Maredy destroyed two, count em, two GoPro sets in the course of the 48 hours it took him to film. The first one lasted "for 2 hours before the camera was completely dead. wouldn't even turn on. i sent it back and got a new one, determined that i started out with a bad copy," Maredy explained on his website.


As for the second:

i [sic] could tell it was going to give up the ghost, so i [sic] tried to be easy on it (kinda defeated the point of getting it), but even so, the sd card would disengage after any jolt, and sometimes it would just power off or give me an "SOS" message. just before the battery died, i [sic] found out that the vibrations had caused the lens to start unscrewing itself from the camera body.

So does that mean that the streets of NYC are actually worse than the inside of a lion's mouth? [Laughing Squid]


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I kinda want to punch this dude in the face, he's like skating in and out of traffic like a nut, I'd be really annoyed if I was driving and I saw someone doing that.