Pizza and cookie dough, joined together in the same orgasmic culinary sensation-causing freezable box at last! What technological advances DiGiorno made in ensuring the pepperoni doesn't spoil the chocolate chips, I'll never know.

The frozen food company started sending out boxes of the stuff to store shelves last week, along with Pizza & Boneless Wyngz.


Wyngz, you know, the feather-covered limbs of ghetto chickens? WYNGZ. I'm guessing they're not free-range, then.

As Facebook "fan" Amylulu says, "Yes ! Pizza and Wings! Could the beer combo be far behind? I would dig even a root beer combo. A coupon attached to the box as a joint promo between you and maybe A&W or IBP. And yes I want a DiG's coupon right now while you think about it."

Make it so, DiGiorno. [Facebook and Reddit]


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