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What Superheroes Would Post to Instagram

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Having fun taking pictures of slushy drinks in highball glasses on perfectly distressed hardwood tables and hashtagging it #happyhour? What about posting pictures of the sky and clouds that look like every other picture of the sky and cloud and commenting how 'this is just how I feel right now'? These are the Instagram pictures we see everyday! But that's because we're mere humans. What would superheroes post to Instagram?

Comediva hilariously wondered what our favorite heroes like Batman and Spiderman and Thor would post to Instagram and it's fantastic. Batman would definitely tilt shift his gear, good ol' Superman would bombard us with Earth photos as if he was NASA himself and can you imaging Thor picstitching?


Here's Spidermans perfectly emo post:


Yeah, I'd give you a like for that. [Comediva via DesignTAXI]