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What the Future of Google Glass Could Look Like

Right now, Google Glass is just a pair of weird looking specs that's pretty much only used to take blurry photos and Instagram selfies. And that's okay! The real promise is what comes next. Developers have been getting their hands on Google Glass and have begun to see what they can build with it. It's the base for the future.


Playground Inc. imagined what Google Glass would look like in the future. Not today's Explorer edition, but a concept of what it can be in a few years when wide ranging apps have been developed to take advantage of Glass' unique technology. It's not unlike comparing the iPhone today to what it first was way back in 2007 (a third party app-less phone that just showed you basic stuff like your calendar, the weather, photos, notes, etc.).

And though Glass will forever be easy to mock, it sure as hell looks like it'll give me a future I'll enjoy (other than that giving emergency CPR to your dad bit) . [Playground Inc]


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I like that the barcode and product recognition is basically just a modified port of current Google Goggles...this takes that quite literally, don't you think? But it seems useful. The only issue with the cart is how would it know the prices when many products sell for different prices at different stores (not to mention the sales!)? I suppose it could show average prices, but that doesn't really help when you're in the aisle of a supermarket trying to decide what to buy. Maybe a GPS lookup to see what store you're at, but then every store would need a database of products and prices, which many don't have.

So it becomes a matter of "simple to program, but who's compiling the database?"