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What the Hell Is a Latex Vacuum Bed?

Illustration for article titled What the Hell Is a Latex Vacuum Bed?

I'm not sure why it exists, but there's such thing as a bed made from latex. People insert themselves into the Vacuum Bed, or VacBed, and vacuum all the air out, leaving them trapped and immobile.


G4 took a look at how Vacuum Beds work and the mysterious culture behind it:
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Game Trailers - E3 2011 - WTF

The Vacuum bed has been around for a while now and it's supposedly big in the BDSM and bondage circles. I'm assuming some people use it to get their Han Solo on too (though latex is hardly carbonite). [BuzzFeed]


Image credit Gouvrion

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Falsoman el Garabatero

And if you don't find anyone who wants to play starwars with you, you can always get your Hand Solo on. Am I Right?

Ok i'll go home.