What to Get with Your Returned Gift Store Credit: Target Edition

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Your relatives are lovely. Really, they are. But some of their gifts might have sent you poking around for a gift receipt. You know, in case this isn't quite my size. Here's the best stuff you can get at Target on your return visit.

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Under $10: Kingston MobileLite G2 USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader

No one in your family having a computer or gadget with a memory card reader is one of the turds in the punch bowl of the holidays. So if you've got a tiny return to cash in on, you can get a USB SD or micro-SD card reader. $6


Under $25: GoPro Helmet Front Camera Mount

When you get a cool present at the holidays—say, a GoPro camera—a lot of times you'll be short a few accessories necessary to put it right to use. So you may as well nickel and dime your way to a full complement by nabbing one or two at a time with return receipts, like this helmet mount. $13


Under $50: Just Dance 3 for Kinect

Whenever you get a new system or system add-on like the Kinect, getting a bunch of games is a huge moneysink. Luckily, you've got cookie jars to return, and there are some pretty inexpensive games to be had. $37


Under $75: Nikon Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Your camera is probably under heavy duress during the holiday season, so if you've got a decent sized bit of store credit coming back at you, you may as well use the opportunity to grab a spare battery. Doesn't have to be this'un, but store credit is one of the few times you'll be able to spend on a battery without feeling grumpy about it. $73


Under $100: Nook Simple Touch

If you've got this much credit, your relatives probably all shop at the same place. And hate you. That said, you can actually score some decent gadgetry at Target. The Nook Simple Touch is a pretty good haul at this price. $99


Over $100: Nikon 1 J1 Digital Camera

I have no earthly idea how someone likes you enough to spend this much money on you, yet manages to go wrong enough that you're actually returning the gift. It's probably really nice, and you're probably a jerk for returning it. YOUR AUNT SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON YOU, YOUNG HEATHEN. But since we're here, Target does have some good gear at the higher end, so you can pick up a pretty nice camera, like the mirrorless Nikon 1 J1. $600


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