What Was Your Favorite Dumbphone?

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Sure, I love my smartphone, but she's not my first love, and she never will be. I've loved another, the beautiful LG VX8350, who treated me so very, very well in my youth. She was a solid little phone, with a front screen that was absolutely perfect for covertly checking texts in class and playing it off like you were checking the time.

I can't be the only one out there with fond memories of a dumbphone lost, or broken, or sitting in the back of the closet in a shoebox. What about you guys. Any love for the LG VX5300? The Nokia Brick? Pink RAZRs? The Juke? Speak up!

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Andrew Tarantola

Motorola StarTAC, hands down. If I could get online with it, I'd still be rocking one.