What Would You Do With A Lego Robot That Takes iPad Photos?

The folks at Montreal-based Pheromone Lab designed a Lego robot whose main function was to automate photo-taking on the iPad 2. Yes, you probably could use a software tool like UI Automation for the task, but that's no fun.


The robot was built using a Lego Mindstorms kit and a capacitive stylus to press the iPad's photo button repeatedly. It was created to help test a stop-motion app by automatically taking 15,000 photos.

Instead of plain pictures to test an app, imagine what you could do with this robot if you had an ounce or two of creativity. Me? I'm not that creative so I'd probably start with a stop-motion video of me making the stop-motion Lego robot. Anyone else with a bigger or better idea? [Geek]


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No idea what an RCX/Mindstorms is even needed here, it is simply doing a repetitive task, a simple LEGO battery and LEGO engine would have sufficied