What Would You Teach High School Students About Science?

You have 80 minutes visiting a high school science class. What do you do?

Tomorrow, I visit high school students to talk about careers in science. The classes are grade 11 Chemistry, grade 11 Earth Science, and grade 10 Science Honours*. What should I tell them?

The lesson will be partly autobiographical as I have a nonlinear career path: I'm in an unusual position of being able to talk about working in academics, industry fieldwork, entertainment and journalism. But I only have my own experiences of working in astrophysics, physics, and geophysics: I know nothing of pursuing a career in biology labwork, or the challenges of getting a job in computer science. What can you tell me? What advice would you give? Do you have an unusual career path using science (give me your stories & photos!)?


How about activities? Any suggestions for pocket-sized stand-alone interactive science lessons I can pull off with minimal materials?

* I'll be in a Canadian classroom: it legitimately has a U.

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