CES 2009 decompression starts now. Time to catch up on what you missed during your gadget overload rehabilitation this weekend. It begins... now:

It began just like any other Saturday...

• If Dave Coulier came back as a pair of scissors, he would look something like this.
• Microsoft Surface failed at the worst possible moment: CES 2009.
Disney Star Guitarist will only intensify the hatred real guitarists already feel for rhythm video games.
• The ad for Microsoft Songsmith is just as corny as the software itself. Makes sense, we suppose.
• NASA detects mysterious BOOM in the cosmos. Early analysis: Not Steve Jobs.


...and Saturdays turned into lazy Sundays...

• More NASA: a group of rogue scientists were pitching new spacecraft ideas to Team Obama.
• Here's to the nicer, kinder Microsoft, as they lift the download limit on Windows 7 until January 24.
• Slick looking haptics controller could be aiding angst-ridden teens with their headshots by year end.
• Nyko's Wiimote knockoff could very well be better that the original.
• This DTV switch business is turning into a real crapfest, but the FCC won't budge: It's happening on Feb 17 so get ready for it!


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